KOTA ENVIRON PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of Sewer cleaning machines & equipments as below.
  1. Sewer Cleaning Flexible steel rods
  2. Sewer cleaning Rodding machine
  3. Sewer cleaning Hand Rodding machine
  4. Sewer cleaning power bucket machine
  5. Manhole grab
  6. Sewer cleaning tools & accessories

Due to increase in population  & fast growth of cites the basic eminites requirments like good quality  food, clean water for drinking ,cloths & electricity are basic requirement of human beings on earth.


Due to fast urbanization  of the cities various  faclities provided by city corporation or nagar parishad to citizens. Drain water or waste water of every house is connected with sewer lines/drain lines (NETWORK) it will be under ground sewer lines or it may be open nalla.


So many times we see overflowig manholes with  drain water is common picture of various cities.for cleaning choke ups & cleaning or desilting of drain / sewer  from under ground drain lines is need of the day.


Sewer Cleaning Power Bucket Machine is most useful for removing the silt from under ground drain lines whereas the Sewer Cleaning Rodding Machine is more effective for removing the chock ages & obstruction of any drainage lines.


Presently we are selling our  Sewer Cleaning Machines & equipments  all over India directly by us or by our authorized dealer.we also exporting our machines to Afrian countries.

Below is our  Customers customer list.


  1. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  2. Pune Municipal Corporation
  3. Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation
  4. Nagpur Municipal corporaion
  5. Kolhapur Municipal Corporation
  6. Jamnaga Municipal Corporation
  7. Hindalco Indutries Ltd
  8. JUSCO
  9. Vishakhapatna m muniicpal Corporation
  10. Panji Muncipal Corporation
  11. Pandhurpur nagarpaishad
  12. Bhilai Steel Plant
  13. Rajkot municipal Corporation etc.
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